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Making Mustard

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Becca and Jess sit on The Lowdown in Mustard. Jess is wearing a bright, berry-coloured pink knitted singlet and long pants. Becca wears a light, lilac purple vest and long pants.

An exciting update from us

An Olive Lowdown Mustard Made Locker is styled next to a stack of coffee table books and an eclectic range of colourful artworks.

How to Style: Olive

17 olive goodies we're loving right now

17 olive goodies we're loving right now

A colourful dining room featuring white brick walls, large abstract paintings and quirky chairs in red, black and yellow.

At home with MiiO Store's Nina Battley

Three Mustard Made Skinny lockers stand side by side. From the left, the first is Mustard, then Blush then Ocean. To the left is a sofa with a wooden, timber frame, beige padding and cushions of various shapes and colours sit on top.

Three ways to style The Skinny

The Twinny in Navy Locker

How to Style: Navy

The Shorty in Blush and The Shorty to the Left in Berry side by side. There are beds with pink bedspreads on either side.

Get to know The Shorty

The Lowdown in Poppy against an Ocean blue wall.

Seven unexpected colour combos

The Lowdown in Ocean with kids toys on top.

How to Style: Ocean

The Twinny in Sage next to a bed.

Get to know The Twinny

How to Style: Lilac

How to Style: Lilac

A row of Mustard Made Skinny Lockers lined up in different colours

Celebrating colour in Mustard's London HQ