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We are Mustard

Photo Booth in mustard locker

It started with a long walk. 

We were walking by the ocean talking, as we often did, about starting a business together. Two sisters, living opposite sides of the planet.
The idea was sparked by the question:
What is it that you love that is uniquely you?
I thought about my home + studio... I have a random selection of metal lockers + furniture. One flaky old one found on the side of the road, a few from antique stores and some new. I've always had a thing for lockers. I know I'm not the only one but I also know it's totally not everyones cup of tea. That's cool with me.
From that day the work began. Researching, reading, brainstorming, surveying, meetings, writing endless lists + seeking out a manufacturer that could bring the vision to life.
We decided we needed more so we booked flights to China to go + learn for ourselves everything we could about creating our products. I took my tiny baby + flew from Australia, Jess took our not so tiny Dad + flew from London. We got to see our very first samples be born. It was magic.
So then we took a gamble. We booked a space at a trade show + prepared for launch. Samples were made, photos were taken, branding nailed + list after list got ticked off. It was happening.
It took a team. We borrowed props, cars + storage space. We needed babysitting, favours + opinions on everything from colour choices to web design. Our family + friends held us up + pushed us on. 
The name mustard fits us perfectly. It might not be for everyone, but those who love it, get it. It's a hot colour, hot condiment + now a hot new brand. 
We are Mustard.