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Making Mustard - Blog

Mustard founders Becca + Jess share the story, progress and insights learned from setting up a business from scratch from opposite sides of the world. Lockers is just the beginning.

5 things you didn't know about our lockers

Here's a few little details that you may not know... 1. They are 100% magnetic! You can use magnets to stick postcards, photos and to-do lists anywhere on the locker!
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Peaches & Cream

This week has been a busy one. We've been focused on making sure all our customers get their lockers, mostly a week of logistics stuff. So in-between the not so pretty side of running a business it was lovely to see this pop up over at Adore Home Magazine's blog.  Head over to their Blog for more crush worthy interiors.     
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The Design Files - how to launch a small business

Today I woke up (and Jess went to bed) to this article going live on The Design Files. If you don't know, it is 'Australia's Top Design Blog', it's kind of a BIG deal.   The truth is, I also felt a moment of panic, the imposter syndrome kick in, the 'what if I'm found out' moment.
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It's all in the details

There were a fair few 'surprises'. When I really think it through, they were almost all things that most people wouldn’t pick up except Jess and I but that just doesn’t make it ok!
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10 Tips for doing a Trade Show like a Pro

Ok, so we aren't exactly Pros by any means but here's some things we learnt from doing Life Instyle: 1. Be human. (Most important!) You can't help it, you are human, don't try to hide it. Sometimes we jumbled our words, forgot things, dropped business cards on the floor. It's ok. You know the best thing? The person you are talking to is a human too. 
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Tinitrader interview - Queens of Colour

To celebrate International Women's Day Tinitrader asked to interview me along side four inspiring women. Gosh what an honour.   
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Plan A

The deadline for applications was sitting on the horizon but we didn't actually have any products, a logo, a website or anything much more than ideas to apply with. So this became the key task: build enough elements of a brand to make the application look good and then figure out the next steps after that! 
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See for yourself

Importantly I wanted to know who would be making my designs and see for myself what the factory that would one day take a healthy chunk of my money was like. So when I told my husband I needed to go to China he understood that I was serious and that it wasn’t really up for negotiation. 
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Handmade Pedestals

I love handmade, I love the connection to a person whose fingers have been all over my new mug, necklace or candle. But the thing I came to learn is that although I put ‘made by hand’ all over my products and put the concept on a beautifully crafted pedestal, I’m not really a maker. Don’t get me wrong, I can make. But I’m not an artist.
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Making the Mustard

Learning that money doesn’t flick my switch was something I felt I had to keep secret. When I confessed to my very patient account that I couldn’t accurately tell her what I’d earned I felt like I must be doing it all wrong.
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