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Talk at The Fe Collective - How do you make Mustard?

Last month I had the absolute honour of being a speaker at the first Fe Collective night. I would be lying if I said I felt qualified for speaking at an event when Sara of Kate & Kole and founder of Fe asked me to. But the more I thought about it the more I reasoned that everyone has a story to tell that others can learn from. 

Although it feels like we've come along way and we have certainly formed the bones of our business I know that we are still just writing the opening lines of our story. Either way it was such a positive experience to be in a room with 45 women, all in different fields and at different stages of their creative or entrepreneurial journey.

On the night I interwove my thoughts, tales and feelings with the emails that have been pivotal for our business. From the very first contact with our Factory and the first rendition of our logo by our graphic designer to the email from the shipping service I use in Australia in the width of a 3 month search for a shipping solution. There's the great emails like when Fiona of My Daily Business Coach asked if we'd like to be interviewed for The Design Files, and the then the tough emails like the first time someone received a locker damaged in transit. 

Sara asked me to write a blog post about my talk which you can read over on The Fe. Enjoy! 

Becca x



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