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Colour loving - 2018 Bestsellers

Our aim for our colour palette was to create options that were versatile, beautiful and worked well for mixing and matching. Whether the lockers are for a living room, bedroom, office or hallway we wanted there to be a colour that fits with your space. 

White has been a popular choice in Australia, the sunshine and beach definitely have a lot to do with it as people gravitate to bright open spaces. The Olive has been a big hit on instagram and has a steady following of plant lovers, it's definitely a versatile colour that works for grown ups and kids.

When we launched in the UK there was a huge swell of love for the Slate and Mustard combo which lead to both of them selling out within a month but the overall winner across both countries is The Shorty in Blush. She's been our most consistent seller, gathered a bunch of adoring fans and has ended up in some gorgeous homes, florists, shop windows and in magazines! 

It's fair to say that from the start Blush had our hearts. There's just something about seeing such an industrial design being softened completely by the pretty pink colour. 


Here's our top 5 best sellers of 2018...


  1. The Shorty in Blush
  2. The Skinny in Blush
  3. The Shorty in Slate
  4. The Shorty in White
  5. The Shorty in Olive


  1. The Shorty in Blush
  2. The Skinny in Slate
  3. The Skinny in Blush
  4. The Shorty in Mustard
  5. The Shorty in Shorty


We've been working on some new colours for next year, can't wait to reveal them to you! 

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