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Peaches & Cream


Peaches and Cream on Adore Magazine Blog


This week has been a busy one. We've been focused on making sure all our customers get their lockers, mostly a week of logistics stuff. So in-between the not so pretty side of running a business it was lovely to see this pop up over at Adore Home Magazine's blog. 

Head over to their Blog for more crush worthy interiors. 



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  • I think the lockers are wonderful and will be buying some for my teenage grandchildren for Christmas. Will you have them closer to Xmas as well as now ?
    Also, I guess that they lock – a locker has to lock ! Do they come with an extra key ? If the keys are lost, how do you get to replace them and how safe are the lockers for locking ? Are the keys all different, by that I mean can other people in the house break into another locker. Very important with a house full of 18 years plus age.
    I am 74 years of age, and am definitely going to buy one to keep my legal stuff safe – hence the reason, to be worrying about the key and lock. This is not really a comment, but a bunch of questions. Please email me with the answers. Thank you.

    Valerie Turk

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