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5 things you didn't know about our lockers

Here's a few little details that you may not know...

1. They are 100% magnetic! You can use magnets to stick postcards, photos and to-do lists anywhere on the locker!

2. Inside the door you have our 'Emma' hook to hang things (one in The Shorty, two in The Skinny). Perfect for a little mirror, headphones a photo frame or as our friend Emma suggested, necklaces!

3. They arrive to you flat packed. But don’t worry, we promise they are easy to put together! You can watch our how-to videos here

4. You only need to screw in two screws for the handle, that's all, everything else slots, clicks and locks into place. (Told you it was easy!)

5. Every locker comes with a matching keyring, it’s super cute! 


It's all the little details that make them as practical as they are beautiful!





  • Hi I really want to get a locker to put all of our files in, what would be the best option? Any happen to come with a slide out drawer for files


  • Hello
    Do you have any images of your lockers being used as a pantry?
    I am wondering if this would be practical or are the shelves a bit deep?
    Would it be possible to buy extra shelves for inside and then use the baskets on those shelves? I would love to see an image of what this would look like. This would be a great application for people who need a bit more storage in the kitchen.

    Kind regards Toni


  • Hi
    Are they for indoor use only?

    Lara Bucher

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