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Christopher Wright
Awesome. End of. Big love.

We have so many of these in the house, all different models. The early ones were a little tricky to fit together so was a bit worried about the wardrobe, but... it was sooo easy to fit together so looks like those early teething issues have been resolved. Sooo happy, it's brilliant, looks fantastic.

Andy Wiggan
Excellent quality

We bought three pieces to go in our spare room/ office and are very pleased with them. Ther are brilliantiy manufactured with a lot of attention to detail. No sharp edges, all very uniform and the assembly was a breeze. They also look awesome. This is how flat pack furniture should be in the modern age! Congrats to Becca and Jess for creating such beautiful furniture and fingers crossed a successful business to boot.

Tara Wakefield
Locker Heaven

I’m so excited that Mustard Made opened their store to the US. I’ve been following for a long time. I LOVE my new lockers. My daughter sits and reorganizes hers daily :)

Steven Morrison
The Twinny

Very happy with wardrobe, very well built, easy to put together, just take your time to make sure all the slots are aligned, if put together properly it’s very sturdy.

Kirstie Jones

My son wanted a locker style wardrobe, we hunted for ages until finally he said this was the one. Amazingly he helped me put it together! There were no arguments at all coz although you think it’s going to be complicated - it’s so not!! It looks lovely and will definitely stand the test of a teenage boy for many years.