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Colour Swatches


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Louise Hill

Swatches arrived quickly and are great for checking combinations of colours against the wall colour. Unfortunately they weren’t much help …. Because I loved them all!!! Trying to pick the three colours I need is so hard because they all look good! Maybe you could design a feature on your site that allows you to put the lockers in the configuration you want and then try different colour combinations ? 😄🎨 Until then I’ll get back to making my final decision. Can’t wait to order my lockers!

Great idea!

The colour swatches helped me choosing the best colour choice for my study.

Corinna Horsthemke
Worth ordering and helped me decide on my colours

They arrived really quickly and helped me be more informed about the colours I was choosing and actually switched one of them for that reason. I just ordered my lockers and can’t wait for them to arrive.

Heather W.
Swatches very helpful

I got swatches for four colors as I wanted to match-ish several areas of my house. Was trying to determine how warm or cool some colors were...or how much gray was in the lighter blue color. They shipped fast and were so helpful. Glad I took the extra time to do this and that they were offered. colors were really saturated and lovely. will be buying a few lockers soon.

The perfect way to test colours in your space

I love these! The colours are identical (i’ve since bought the locker) and i hadnt expected them to be the same material as the locker so this took the swatches above and beyond. I could feel the quality in my hands. Fab idea