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Style your locker 3 ways - with Natalie Jeffcott

We'd like to introduce you to Natalie Jeffcott...

There's something so magical about walking into a person's home and feeling like you're being told a story with every detail. It seems that Interior Photographer Natalie Jeffcott has picked up inspiration throughout her life, from all the homes she's walked into with her camera and created a captivating home for her family. We take a look at how The Skinny in Blush has been styled in three different ways in three different rooms. 


Tell us a little about you…

I’m a Melbourne based freelance photographer and live with my partner Nick, teenage son Arthur and 2 blue heelers - Betty & Harry and 2 cats - Jett and Lily. I am messy, I would love to be organised but mostly I get too many ideas and love to bang holes in walls and change rooms around. This is our 5th home since our son was born - but we are now staying put and slowly renovating our home..

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Vintage, colourful and fun!

What’s your inspiration? 

In years gone by I used to buy design/decor magazines, however these days it’s a scroll world - so Instagram or Pinterest for a good home and ideas perve. I am also super lucky to shoot interiors for a job - so I’m always inspired by the creativity and individuality of the lovely friends/people I have met and the spaces they create. A few that come to mind are Madeleine Stamer, Maria Flores, Kate Jansen, Letitia Green, Chris Bellamy, Saskia Ericson, Neryl Walker...and oh so many others! I feel bad not mentioning everyone…
I am also inspired by travel and wandering. I have been lucky to have some amazing overseas adventures over the years and usually bring a random item or 2 home with me - such as a vintage gumball machine or a cookie jar! We’re not really into brands or buying a lot of new things to be honest - hence I love vintage or vintage inspired items. Though I do love Urban Outfitters for bath mats! I also recently bought a pair of cute pillow cases from Shuh. If I had more wall space I’d happily buy a big vintage poster from The Galerie here in Melbourne.


What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

Pre/Post Corona times - I usually like to get up and head to a gym class in the morning, followed by a big brekkie and coffee at home. Then take the dogs for a walk, work on a home project or outside in the garden. Hang with my son, read a book in my hammock. Eat some cheese. Pretty cruisy really.


style your locker- mustard made skinny with Natalie Jeffcott 

Look 1

My home studio. As a photographer, I have collected photo and art books, random props and stuff. Lots of stuff - postcards and pictures from exhibitions, trinkets, travel etc. I also collect cookie jars so these are scattered around our home.

Two years ago we did a road trip on Route 66 LA to Chicago - so I have heaps of photos from this trip. The framed photo was taken in Holbrook, Arizona. The postcard of Chewbacca I have had since buying it in San Francisco in the 90’s and he always lives on my home studio wall.

style your locker- mustard made skinny with Natalie Jeffcott

Look 2

My son Arthur’s room. He chose the blush pink locker for his room and has definitely inherited our love of vintage and quirky things. And all things Disney! The artwork I created years ago from a vintage children’s annual - we used to run a vintage inspired kids store called Arthur’s Circus over 12 years ago - eeek! So the locker houses some of his books, games, trinkets and t-shirts. The cute pillow cases are from Shuh.


style your locker- mustard made skinny in the bathroom with Natalie Jeffcott

Look 3:

Our bathroom. I love a clawfoot bath. This one was originally in our garden as an outdoor bath. 3 years ago we renovated the bathroom and it finally came inside. I found it cheap on Ebay. The bathmat is from Urban Outfitters and the vintage poster we found at a flea market in Paris back in 2010 for 50 Euros and had it framed back here - if only we bought some more! The locker is perfect for bathroom storage and the all so important TP supply!


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