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Style your locker 3 ways - with Kim Grayza

We'd like to introduce you to Kim...

It has to be said that one of the most notable things about @kimgrayza is that she's the mama of triplets + a big brother. Raising four kids, with three being baby humans all at once, really is pretty damn incredible. But, being a mum isn't by any means the whole story of who Kim is. We've been following Kim on Instagram for a while + admiring her neutral, minimalist home, laid back style and is on a gentle mission to live more sustainably. We challenged Kim to style her Shorty in Mustard in three ways throughout her home + now we are even more determined to steal her "less is more" approach!

Tell us a little about you… 

I'm an ex fashion, decor and lifestyle stylist & blogger from South Africa who moved to Dublin 4 years ago with my husband and almost 2 year old son. Since then we've had triplets (a girl and 2 boys now 1.5 years) and bought a house. Life is busy to say the least but the challenges of 4 kids has made us more focused and productive. I love playing house-house; styling our home, moving things around and it's like an on-going project that fulfils me! Finding these lockers was a real #housegoals moment for me!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Classic, minimal, neutral (generally!)

What’s your inspiration? 

I love instagram for inspiration - I know there's such a debate about this platform and "real-life" etc - but I think it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and it's your responsibility to curate who you follow and to be inspired and not be made to feel bad/sad/mad! I've often been in a terrible state of mind when I've realised I just had a big dose of "comparison is the thief of joy!" - and then put my big-girl-panties on and looked at my situation as my own unique journey etc. I'm also now more in tune with my mental state as to when I should just give it a break or dive in and get inspiration, ideas etc!!

I still LOVE magazines, a cup of herbal tea and magazines before bed is my favourite thing! (or with wine on the couch! :) )

I've become more conscious of my shopping habits and so I'm continuously inspired by sustainable brands, more wood based products (i.e. Obsessed with Woodchuck for furniture and shelving etc) and brands such as yourselves with "real people" behind the scenes. The passion is contagious and you just want small businesses to do well!

A style that's inspired me for years and never changed is Moroccan interiors. I have a love affair with Moroccan items like berber rugs, kilim cushions and baskets! Never.too.many.baskets!!

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

ALONE TIME! :) With a dash of . . . .

Husband & wife time (A drink out/just chatting and connecting round the table once the kids are asleep).

Family time (A walk on the pier after a market).

Me time/girl time (browsing shops by myself / drink or movie with a girlfriend)

Simple pleasures I may have taken for granted before 4 kids. I very much look forward to the day we can all watch a movie on the couch together or go for a family hike. I am looking forward to a weekend away again someday. My perfect weekend away would be to find a cosy cottage on the West Coast of Ireland with the family or a girls weekend in Portugal :)


mustard shorties with Kim

Look 1

Our lockers usually live in the playroom where we fill them art supplies like coloured paper, paints, pom poms, colouring books, paper plates and string. Harry loves to make things and it keeps them safely locked away from the triplets!

mustard shorties

Look 2

Harry's room is purposefully minimal and restful. The Shorty makes a cute bedside table filled with his Lego and books.

mustard shorty in office furniture

Look 3:

The locker fits in beautifully in my home office too. I love to wrap gifts so I'd fill it with my special wrapping papers , tapes and stationery!


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