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Our number one tip for Locker Lovers

There are now literally thousands of our lockers out there in the world, living in your homes, your kids rooms and your work spaces. That's a really big deal! We wanted to share a really simple tip. It's small, takes 30 seconds and you'll thank us for it one day!

Our Number One Tip: Separate your keys + keep one in a safe spot!

Each locker comes with two keys per door. So, a Skinny will have one pair of keys and a Midi will have two pairs of keys. They come joined together and it's tempting to just keep them hanging in the door without thinking about it again... until you lose them! Or your very cute kid decides to hide them in the dog basket... then the dog buries them in the garden! 

mustard made locker key close up

Bonus tip: Label the spare key!

Every key has a number on it that matches the number on it's 'other half' lock. The key will only open the door with the same number. So if you're ever not sure which key is for which door just read the number. It's also a good idea to make a little keyring for your spare and label it with 'spare locker key'. Years down the line when you're looking for it you'll be grateful you did!

mustard made locker key close up

Lost keys?

First have a really good look... then maybe wait a day and look again, usually they turn up! If they don't just shoot us an email and tell us the number on the lock, we'll do our best to help. We have a few tricks up our sleeves and are usually able to send you a spare key. 

mustard made locker key close up

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