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International Women's Day - Invest in Women

Let's just take a minute to appreciate how great it is that International Women's Day has gathered momentum and become a celebrated day of the year. It's a day to be proud, to look back on how far women's rights have come and to celebrate the achievements of well, half the population! It's also a time to consider what the women of the world need to create true equality. 

As a female owned company we take pride in knowing we are walking a path that would have been impossible (or at least damn hard) in the past. We are grateful to have grown up in a culture and family where we were able to be educated and have all our needs met. Of course, we are the lucky ones and there's still so many women who deserve better than what they have available to them.


To mark International Women's Day we wanted to put our money where our mouths are. It's great to speak out and share stories but along with that comes the responsibly to act. We decided to pay it forward to support others whose lives are full of untapped potential.

As a company we have donated £250 each to four women through Beam.

We chose the four women closest to hitting their target fundraising goal to help them get a little bit closer to starting the new life that they deserve.


Mustard partners with Beam to help homeless people in need

Read more about our partnership with Beam 

To Dineer, Hana, Adetutu and Natasha, we wish you all the very best of success in building the lives you dream of and greatly deserve.

Becca + Jess x


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