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5 Things - Watch, Hear + Read

Times are strange and we're all in need of some warm fuzzy feelings, some things to keep us (or our kids) busy and feeling inspired. We asked our little Mustard team to share the things keeping them going and bringing some joy right now.


five Things to Watch Right Now with Jess from Mustard Made

5 things to watch with Jess

I have been a big watcher of TV + Movies since I was a kid. I just really enjoy snuggling up on the sofa, with a blanket + watching things that make you happy or sad or maybe just any emotion which is a little escape. Here’s my top five things to watch right now.

One - Notting Hill

But honestly, any Richard Curtis film will do, Love Actually, About Time, Four Weddings… they are all brilliantly wonderful. When I was little I used to go to my Grandparents, sneak this film out of the cupboard + pop it in the video recorder. On repeat! 

Two - Escape to the Chateau + bonus Escape to the Chateau DIY

Everyone dreams of living in a castle right? Well these guys do, in the stunning Martigné-sur-Mayenne in France + they make owning, renovating + bringing up two kids look easy. My Grandma has also started watching it + we have been discussing what we like each week + which Chateau we would buy.

Three - Homeland

Oh what a rollercoaster we have been on with Homeland over the years + even though it is pretty predictable, someone is a spy, someone gets kidnapped + so on, I love the drama. Now on its final ever season + I’m already sad I will miss Carrie + Saul. 

Four - This Is Us

@CharlotteJacklin influenced me into this one + I am so glad she did. I have laughed, cried crazy amounts + love that it is a show that really could just last forever! All the warm fuzzy feelings.

Five - Unorthodox

Just recently released on Netflix, it is a 4 part season about a 19 year old woman who flees her orthodox Jewish life in Brooklyn to find a new very different world in Berlin. It is shocking in parts, beautifully shot + highly recommended. Think I might read the book too!

five Things to Watch Hear Now with Soph from Mustard Made

5 things to hear with Soph

Whenever I'm on a long walk, spring cleaning or sketching for extended periods at my desk, the best companion is a good podcast. It's such an intimate medium and I love stuffing stories and conversations between my ears while my hands are busy with other tasks. 
Here's five of my favourite podcasts to check out.

One - Threedom

The three hosts Paul F Tompkins, Scott Aukerman and Lauren Lapkus are all actors, comedians and improv performers, their chemistry is perfection. They push each other's buttons with the love and mischief of siblings and usually play a silly word game you can adopt (for extended periods of staying indoors.) Pick any episode, they're all hilarious.

Two - Reply All

Reply All is one of Gimlet Media's poster children, and for good reason. It's just such a damn good listen. The tagline is "a podcast about the internet", and hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, who are instantly likeable, take you on the most obscure, well-researched, expertly-edited adventures. This podcast is like a big hearty meal for curious minds. Listen to ep 158, "The Case of the Missing Hit" to become instantly hooked.

Three - A Piece of Work

Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) takes you around the MoMA with some of her friends. There's only 10 episodes and they're short and sweet, but it's so fun to hear Abbi diving into her visual arts background.

Four - Nancy

Kathy Tu and Tobin Low have crafted such a strong body of work in this podcast. Each episode is an exploration of contemporary LGBTQI+ experiences. Sometimes they're silly, sometimes they're serious, but every single story is treated with such care and compassion. Past guests include Lena Waithe, RuPaul, and Mara Wilson.

Five - Phoebe Reads A Mystery

Arguably one of podcasting's most soothing voices, Phoebe Judge (Criminal, This is Love), reads to you a chapter a day of Agatha Christie's "The Mysterious Affair". This podcast is a balm on the sting of the world right now.

5 things to read - Book Recommendations from Lizzy at Mustard Made

5 Things to read with Lizzy  

As a literature lover books are most certainly my happy place. Here’s my pick of 5 very different books to get you through lock down.

One - The Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart

This book is perfect for everything that is going on right now! The poetry pharmacy prescribes you poems based on your mood (+ with everything going on I feel like I’m going through all of them at the minute!) The type of book you can pick up + put down as + when you need, there’s all sorts in here so there’s something for everyone!

Two - Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom

Perfect to pass the time at the minute! Millie Marotta’s colouring books are gorgeously illustrated + full of detail so it will last you through the whole of lockdown. This is the one I have but there a few different ones with other themes so definitely take a look.

Three - Educated by Tara Westover

A fantastic memoir of resilience by Tara Westover. I picked this one up last year + read it in 2 days - I became completely engrossed in her life + journey. It is heartbreaking at points but such a fantastic life affirming read.

Four - The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Such an epic sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale (read that too if you haven’t already). One of those books that is really easy to read but you don’t want to put down - there’s a tv series too so there’s another way to kill time while in lockdown!

Five - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Anyone who has known me a while will find this absolutely hilarious because we had to study it in school + I never made it to the end. But since then this has become one of my favourite classics - my copy is old + ‚Äėwell-loved‚Äô (completely falling apart) because I have read + studied it since, it is just such a comfort read for me. Definitely needed at the minute.

We hope we've given you some ideas for things to watch, hear or read! 

Love Team Mustard xx


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