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5 things to keep you going at home (that aren’t Netflix!)

There’s no denying it, these days at home are pretty tough. It's hard to stay motivated right now especially when juggling working from home, the big pile of washing, the kids and their school work - all while being pulled in a million directions! Looking after ourselves may seem bottom of the list but as the saying goes: you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Here are a few things that have been helping me get through. Sometimes we have to go back to the basics to help lift us up and energise ourselves, whatever we have on our plates!


I’m a very smell orientated person anyway but really nothing helps calm me down quite like smell. Some oil on my pillow as I get into bed or a rollerball on my pulse points throughout the day – smell is essential to me. I have to confess, NEOM just did a little offer and I definitely indulged. Their ‘scent to sleep’ range is just amazing and since sleep is sort of going out of the window (anxiety central) I’m finding it immensely helpful right now. I recommend their sleep mist.

I also love 34.4 natural apothecary. A gorgeous small business, they donate 3.44% of every single sale to the Natural Beekeeping Trust and are entirely staffed by volunteers. My favourite is their bath salts for a long relaxing bath once the kids are finally down and I also have some of their essential oils too.


It might be a simple one but cuddles (with the people that I am allowed to touch!) are keeping me going right now. So much of our personal interaction is limited that being able to hug my husband and my kids is everything. We need that contact and that comfort, don’t forget how important it is. Keep on hugging – or as Poppy from Trolls would say, "it’s hug time!" If you are getting through this by yourself (you amazing person you) don’t underestimate the power of touch, whether it’s a cosy fleecy blanket wrapped around you or a fluffy hot water bottle in the evening. Those comforts will help no end.


Cooking a delicious tasty meal is also crucial to lifting my mood. I’m going down the baking route – baking cookies and chocolate banana cake is what brings me (and the kids) joy! My husband is raiding Ottolenghi’s cookbooks in the evening (for which I am naturally thanking my lucky stars). His favourite recipe discovery has been Yotam Ottolenghi’s Mejadra lentil and onion rice. It’s so tempting to just eat junk food right now or polish off the kids snack drawer but I know I feel so much better when I’ve had a fresh, home cooked meal.

See + Move

It’s crazy dance party time! Of course we’ve been enjoying Netflix (erm binge watching Gilmore Girls or Emily in Paris anyone?) however what’s really been helping us is a good YouTube dance party! Stick your favourite feel good song on and just go for it. No-one is watching you, you can be as silly as you like. It genuinely helps, especially when you really don’t feel like it whatsoever, that's when you need a dance party more than ever! If dancing isn’t for you maybe it’s time to pick up Yoga - the soft smooth movements and breathing techniques will bring you some calm and after some practice, with a video or two, you’ll know the basic moves and it can become an energising way to start your day.

Our current dance the blues away songs are:
I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas
Happy – Pharrell Williams
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen



Really can’t switch off? Truly had enough of hearing your name or Mummmmmeeeeee all day but your ears are still buzzing and your head feels heavy? This one is for you. I totally feel your pain and that’s when I turn to mindfulness. There are many forms of meditation but mindfulness is the type where you bring your full attention and focus to an object or to yourself. I often use the Headspace app to do this and listen to one of their guided mindfulness meditations. They aim to bring calmness and clarity and it always leaves me grateful I put that time aside afterwards. My favourite to listen to is the body scan which I can do in bed before trying to get to sleep. Headspace offers a free trial so you can see if it works for you too.

“Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment — free from distraction or judgment, and aware of our thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.”


Hope some of these help you and remember that “this too shall pass”, everything changes. 

Sending love and positivity your way.


Tash xx

(UK Wholesale Happiness Hero and a fashion loving mum of three!)

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